Our Mission

At Paleo Brio Healthy Kitchen, we prepare wholesome foods with ingredients sourced from local and regional suppliers we know and trust. We strive for excellence in serving our guest's by providing healthy fare, an atmosphere they will not forget, and creating a positive memorable experience.


GRASS FINISHED Beef Makes the difference

The majority of cattle in America are raised for a short time on grass and then “finished” in confined feeding areas with a diet of grain that is unnatural to them. Our 100% grass fed & finished, free range cattle, roam around hundreds of thousands of acres of Arizona ranch grasslands. Our cattle forage for their food across naturally occurring grasses and are never given corn, pellets, silage, antibiotics or added growth hormones. Industry research has shown that industrial grain based feedlot operations expose cattle to inhumane conditions, require intensive consumption of fossil fuels and produce much higher levels of environment pollutants than our free range approach.

The Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company maintains a philosophy to remain 100% transparent and to produce the highest quality grass fed, grass finished products. In addition to the noted health benefits for our cattle as well as the significantly reduced impact on the environment, our beef products are a healthy alternative to conventional grain fed beef.


Our cattle are range bred, grass fed. Managed by cowboys on horseback, our cattle forage around on thousands of acres of Arizona ranchlands. Our cattle enjoy naturally occurring Arizona grasses, water, and flowers. Our free range method allows our cattle to enjoy a stress free lifestyle; we believe this method is far superior to any other ranching style.


Our cattle are born and raised in the Arizona sunshine, with 300+ sunny days per year, Arizona provides the perfect environment for healthy cattle, fresh air and naturally occurring grasses year round.


The American Grassfed Association (AGA) performs audits on our ranching operations including verifying our quality standards while confirming our cattle are 100% grass fed, 100% grass finished, AZ born and raised and never given added growth hormones or antibiotics.

Red Bird Chicken

RedBrid chick.jpg

The Cobb Hubbard hybrid offers great flavor, consistency as well as a docile attitude. You might think that farmers pick this sweet breed only for its charming personality, but the taste can’t be beat!


Red Bird flocks joyously roam spacious barns with an unlimited access to feed and water. They enjoy ventilated housing and soft bedding of wood shavings and rice hulls. Chicken growers work to promote natural behaviors in controlled environments. The goal is to raise healthy, wholesome birds. Rest easy, poultry patrons, as factory farming techniques have flown the coop.

Vegetarian fed: Although Red Bird employees love to eat chicken, we prefer our chickens eat grains. That’s not to say we think everybody should be a vegetarian: only our flocks! Our commitment to the food revolution starts at the source so we keep chicken feed simple, pure, and meat-free.

What’s on the chickens’ plate? 90% of Red Bird’s antibiotic free meal is made up of corn and soy. The final 10% is composed of added nutrients, enzymes, essential oils and vitamins. These include phosphate, limestone and a generous mixture of vegetable oils that holds it all together. Oddly enough, it tastes like granola!


Red Bird Farms live production focuses highly on new world techniques to defend against potentially harmful substances. Many advancements in poultry production have been based around feed additives and genetic improvements. Red Bird questioned this “progression” and agrees that feeding the world may be a challenge but adding potentially harmful substances to the foods we eat is the wrong approach. Our goal, in bringing you wholesome food, is achieved by being proactive when it comes to animal health. Red Bird Farms is committed to grow out standards that minimize harmful bacteria before they start. These standards include: thorough wash downs between flocks, complete traceability from laying hen to chick, constant monitoring of feed conversions and applying natural advancements to the animals life that benefit health. With these strict growing standards, you can rest assured that what goes into your body was grown with care and attention.


Raised without the use of antibiotics and fed no animal byproducts, ever. These buzz words have been emerging on menus and storefronts. It’s become such an important issue that politicians, schools, and news networks have all taken notice: we don’t want antibiotics in our food! As consumers become hungry for honest, safe, and healthy products, Red Bird Farms has been happy to serve it. In a world full of junk, we are proud to offer this select, anti-biotic free poultry. If you don’t see Red Bird Farms at your local grocer, bug the butcher, for health’s sake!  *always read the label to see if a product is antibiotic free

Santa Monica Seafood


Santa Monica Seafood’s foodservice mission is to provide the highest quality and selection of seafood products at fair and reasonable prices while recognizing the importance of conservation and maintenance of a healthy environment.